The Stork™

The Stork was created to help you on your journey to parenthood. Whether you are just starting out on your path to conception or you have been actively trying to conceive for longer, let the Stork aid you in your chances of conceiving by using a “technique” similar to intravaginal insemination. The product is intended to aid you in the process of becoming pregnant using cervical cap insemination.

Physician’s used cervical cap insemination or intravaginal insemination in their office for decades with great success rates. The Stork brings back that technique bridging the gap between natural intercourse and IVF; while in the privacy of your own home.

The product is an FDA authorized medical device designed to assist with common fertility difficulties such as:


  • Motility Issues with Sperm
  • Diminished Sperm Count (low sperm count)
  • Hostile Vaginal Environment

The main part of The Stork is the Conceptacle™. This special condom-like sheath includes a cervical cap within it enabling the semen to be collected during natural intercourse. The Stork’s secondary feature is the applicator that allows you to insert the cervical cap comfortably, position and keeps it in place on the cervical os with relative ease. The process of using The Stork allows for partner inclusion without altering your daily routine.

To purchase The Stork speak with your physician about getting a prescription. Stay tuned for The Stork website launch,





One thought on “The Stork™

  1. Fascinating! This actually came on my site’s forum today, and it figures someone has actually come up with it. I run a large and growing community resource site for private gamete donation, and would love to talk to someone here at Ib2C.

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