About Us

Rinovum Women’s Health (formerly Ib2C™) is a direct to consumer medical device company focused on reproductive health to aid in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient’s home. Our mission is to give women/couples healthcare products that will assist them in reaching their reproductive goals targeting two significant populations; individuals committed to building a family and patients diagnosed with infertility who have not been able to participate or have been unsuccessfully addressed with existing alternatives today. Incorporated in 2009, Steve Bollinger (CEO and Founder) had the idea for years regarding our product, The Stork™.

Inspired to empower  couples on the path to Conception, The Stork™ ignites and reignites;  hope, efficacy and control by taking a successful and proven medical technology historically used and deployed by  physicians, to a new innovative collection and delivery modality that can now be used in the privacy of your own home, while maintaining the intimacy of Conception. Using The Stork™ will optimize a woman’s chances of conception if used during her three optimal days during her ovulation cycle.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello,

    My name is Caitlin, and I represent SpermCheck Fertility, the new FDA-approved home test for male fertility. Based on the content on your blog and recent posts, we’ve identified you as having a great audience for our product, and we’d like to make you an offer to partner with us!

    We would like to send you a FREE sample of our product. In exchange we ask that you:

    • Run a contest to give it away to one of your readers, OR
    • Review our product, and post the review on your blog

    We have a variety of videos and images that we would be happy to provide to you if you would like to post them in addition to your contest or review. Please also feel free to connect with us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/spermcheck and visit our website at http://www.spermcheck.com/

    Please contact us if you have any questions about us or this offer, and we look forward to communicating further with you about this opportunity!


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