Knowing Maternal Menopause Age is Important for Your Fertility

While we may have cringed listening to our mothers discuss the “birds and the bees” during puberty another conversation with our mothers or grandmothers later in life is just as important. Finding out when your mother started menopause is crucial in understanding your ovarian reserve and the rate at which it will start to decrease.

A research study completed at the Fertility Clinic of Copenhagen University Hospital determined that indeed hereditary factors (menopausal age of mother/grandmother) are a strong indicator to when a female’s fertility will start to decline. The study involved approximately 527 women and looked at the following:

-Markers of Ovarian Reserve (AMH- Anti-Mullerian Hormone)

-Antral Follicle Count (AFC)

-The age of onset of natural maternal menopause

What the researchers discovered was that if your mother and/or grandmother started menopause early (defined as 45 years of age or younger), a female’s ovarian reserve will decrease earlier than those whose mothers/grandmothers hit menopause later in life (delayed decrease).


To read the full study completed by Janne G. Bentzen, M.D., Ph.D., from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, and colleagues:




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