Vitamins: Boosting your Natural Fertility 

If you go down any drugstore vitamin aisle today you will be confronted by MANY different brands of vitamins and MANY different types of vitamins or supplements. What are the best vitamins for your best health? Better yet for those trying to conceive, what are the best vitamins to take? There are many different aspects of the vitamins you are selecting that you should take into consideration:

–   Grade of the vitamins you plan to take (and no we do not mean school grades here, although you could rank them on that system). Today, vitamins are not held to heavy requirements to be on the market, therefore generic brands have less of the supplement you are seeking in it than pharmaceutical grade vitamins.

–   Absorption: taking certain vitamins with specific foods so that the full benefit of the nutrients is released.

For those trying to conceive, the path to conception includes following a healthy eating and exercise plan; including taking vitamins to optimize your chances. What are the best vitamins for a woman to take while trying to get pregnant?

  •  Folic Acid: Research shows that take this during your childbearing years will decrease the chances of having a child born with spinal cord and brain disorders (Neural tube disorders). Women taking a folic acid supplement are said to have less risk of ovulation problems/egg production issues.
  •   Fish Oil: These supplements have had a lot of press lately. Fish oils contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which aid in many processes of the body that are important to fertility. Fish oils are said to help the woman have a regular menstrual cycle.

Multivitamin that includes:

  • Vitamin C: Increases fertility in women who have luteal phase defects and may increase hormone levels. Can be found in a multivitamin chosen based on your needs.
  •  Vitamin D: Low levels of vitamin D are said to cause problems with ovulation. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and regulation which may increase her odds of ovulation by helping with the development of her follicles. Found in your multivitamin.
  • Vitamin B6: Improves a woman’s chances for ovulation. This vitamin also is said to regulate a woman’s hormones. Found in your multivitamin.
  •  Iron: Research suggests that this may be important in the maturing of the egg in preparation for healthy ovulation. Found in your multivitamin.

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