Crowdfunding For Fertility Treatments

I read a very interesting article this morning ( on couples who had used crowdsource funding to finance fertility treatments and/or adoption. I have posted before about crowdsource funding for other creative projects related to fertility, but this was the first time I had heard about the website and user’s developing pages to raise funding for fertility treatments.

While all the crowdsource funding sites are such an effective, creative way to raise the funds for projects, this one blows me away. The site lets a user set up a page, provides them with the resources to “spread the word” socially and once the fundraiser hits its end date- the funds are transferred how the user set it up. Many couples have used the website to help in raising money for fertility treatments, surrogacy and even help towards the cost of adoption. The article above discussed the ability to post the page created on the user’s social network accounts to help raise money. I am sure many of us have seen similar set-ups like this before in our news feeds for fundraisers or links to pages where social network friends new and old can offer to help if they’d like. Many of the pages that were created for fertility were shared between family and friend networks that the user was able to reach easier through their social media. The article discussed one couple who saw such generous donations from acquaintances they had not seen/spoken to in years!

Browsing through the site, I noticed currently only a small percentage of fundraiser pages for fertility treatments.  We use our social media accounts to update people on our lives, find support, stay connected and bring awareness to issues we may be passionate about, would you use it to help raise money for the dream of having a child?   Have any of you used crowdsource funding to help with fertility treatments? or even just a fundraiser set up through family or friends?


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