Obando Fertility Festival

The yearly Obando Fertility Festival is in full swing from May 17th to May 19th in Obando, Bulacan (Philippines). The festival dates back to the pre-Spanish era.  The three day festival celebrates a different saint for each day of the festival. Tourists from all over, devotees and locals participate in street dances in hopes for fertility to be bestowed on them, to help them find a partner, to thank them for the gift of fertility given to them and/or to just show their devotion to the patron saints celebrated.

May 17th- The festival celebrates San Pascual Baylon. This is the patron saint for fertility, abundance and wealth.

May 18th- Celebrates Santa Clara. The saint for those who wish to have a child. During this day, many females dance in the processional dance to ask for fertility.

May 19th- Celebrates the patron saint for a good harvest and the saint for fisherman. Nuestra Senora de Salambao

The participants may don the traditional garb of the patron saint they are asking a gift from or they may carry with them a cart that has the statue of the saint in it.

There are some great videos posted on YouTube from individuals that have witnessed the festival. Check them out!


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