Way to Go!! What Makes a Baby!

I discovered a really cool project on Kickstarter* a few months ago that I had wrote up a quick post about. The project was for creating and distributing the book, What Makes A Baby by Cory Silverberg and illustrations by artist, Fiona Smyth. Below is a link to the project on Kickstarter.


The project explains to children pre-school to 8+ years how they may have come into this world where other books have left out. They discuss fertility doctors, surrogates, sperm donation, adoption agencies, friend, turkey basters, etc. What a cool project! In this day and age children are conceived in such a variety of ways, what a perfect way to explain to your child how they came into this world.

The project not only reached their goal of $9500, but they surpassed it by a large, wonderful amount! Way to go!!!!!

*(Kickstarter is a crowdsource funding platform for creative projects where backers can pledge funds towards projects. If the project meets its pledged goal, then the backers funds are used, it is an all or nothing funding platform- www.kickstarter.com).


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