The Pill and PCOS

While on the elliptical machine yesterday I encountered an article in the February issue of  Self on PCOS. This time the article was about the still unknown long-term effects of birth control and how it may hide the symptoms of PCOS. It really got me thinking how so many women my age have been on the pill for decades and really may not know if there are any fertility issues until we start trying albeit much later in life. For me, I was put on the pill at a very young age of 14 to regulate my cycle after having ovarian cysts removed, like the woman in the article.

The article goes on to state that over 3 million women are on the pill simply to regulate cycles and have been for years. The pill may mask symptoms of PCOS and one is encouraged to be screened early on, especially if having been placed on the pill in her early teens for ovarian cysts. Having a checkup with your doctor and being screened for PCOS early on can help with issues that may occur later on in life.

Their PCOS protection plan:

-Knowing your risk

-Identifying the signs

-Don’t delay

-Staying on the pill after diagnosis


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