Turkey Baster Method, ICI, Cervical Cap? Which method do you prefer?

There are many different artificial insemination techniques one can do with sperm donation. Some of those are:

  • Intracervical Insemination (ICI)
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Intrauterine Tuboperitoneal Insemination
  • Intratubal Insemination

*ICI is one of the more common procedures. The sperm is placed directly into the woman’s cervix, taking a high concentration of the sperm and placing it directly into it. This procedure is more popular due to it being non-invasive, considerably less expensive than other options and considered painless.

Alternative methods that can be done at home include:

The Turkey Baster Technique– using a turkey baster to deposit the semen just outside of the cervix. The woman will lie on her back trying to get an optimal position to maintain a pool of the semen on the cervix. The

Cervical Caps– The cervical cap is loaded with sperm and placed inside on the cervix. The cap should remain close to the cervix for several hours.

Both of the above methods require the female to lie reclined and/or inactive for a period of time in hopes to keep the sperm close to the cervix.

What other at-home alternative methods have you tried?

How The Stork™ works:

Upon receiving The Stork™ product, there are two clearly defined male and female parts of the package:

The male portion of the product includes a small cap that is integrated at the tip of a specially designed condom. During the act of intercourse, the cap collects the semen and then is removed and fitted onto the end of The Stork™, one simple step from collection to insertion.

The female portion of the product includes an applicator that is then inserted into the vaginal tract (tampon-like in delivery) until it rests against the cervix, placing the semen in close proximity to the woman’s cervical entrance. The cap can stay inside the woman’s body for three to five hours before being pulled out by a string, very similar to tampon removal.

Future technologies are also in-process for a delayed insemination option to support couples when ovulation timing and partner timing are not quite together.

Continue to augment your conception process by using The Stork™ without altering your daily routine.


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