The Stork™

Some of you may have noticed that we are no longer calling the product FocusTouch. We have decided to rename the product, The Stork™.

The new name will start to appear in postings, on our website and future marketing, as well as new logos.

The Stork™ is an effective medical device that has been used in the doctor’s office for decades with great success that will soon be available for use in the privacy of the home. Its driving features are how easy the technology is to use.

If the female is comfortable placing a Tampon and the male is comfortable using a Condom, this device will be a perfect aid to augment the couples’ conception path.

This medical technique, intracervical insemination, can now be optimized with this technology. This process and device enables the highly concentrated sperm to be placed and kept near the cervical os to optimize your chances of getting pregnant.

We look forward to helping you on your path to conception in 2012!


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