Ib2C Blog 2011 Year In Review

We wish you all a prosperous New Year!


What is Focus Touch ™ – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2v

How do we use it? –  http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2B

FocusTouch ™ – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2E

Ib2C Video on YouTube- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2K

Eating Antioxidants to Help Your Fertility – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2M

Gluten Free to Combat Celiac Disease – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2S

Finalist for Start-Up of the Year- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-2U

Ib2C “Facelift” – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-31

Infertility Goes to Hollywood- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-33

Infertility (even) Goes to TV- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-35

Tree of Fertility and Fertility Symbols- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-38

Fertility Figure Symbols Across the World- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3i


Male Orgasm – Check, Female Orgasm- ??? – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3r

Method of Insemination- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3z

Insurance Vs. Infertility- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3D

September is PCOS Awareness Month- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3G

Vitamins for Trying to Conceive- http://wp.me/s1HaSY-235

Ovulation- Do You Really Know what Happens? – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-3V


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-43

Non-Traditional Sperm Donation – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4a

Study Shows Mediterranean Diet May Help with Fertility- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4g

Off the Beaten Path of Trying to Conceive- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4r



The Truth about Fertility – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4w

Fertility IQ – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4E

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Dads-to-Be – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4M

Male Infertility from Trauma – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4Q


Infertility and the Holidays- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-4V

Guest Blog- “The Cycle” – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-50

What is BVO and Why is it in Your Mountain Dew? – http://wp.me/p1HaSY-55

Ib2C Receives $4.3M Financing for The Stork ™- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-5b

Happy Holidays- http://wp.me/p1HaSY-5k


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