What is BVO and why is it in your Mountain Dew?

I know when I saw this article the other day, I thought maybe it was a spoof article (http://kotaku.com/5867844/mountain-dew-ingredient-may-reduce-fertility-make-you-flame+proof )

After reading I did some digging around to find out some more information about Brominated Vegetable Oil, which generally can be found in soft drinks that have citrus flavors (Mountain Dew).

The BVO is used as an emulsifier (gives the flavor the ability to be suspended within the soda and not just letting it float to the top, i.e. oil in water) in the soft drinks to help the flavors of the citrus stay suspended in the drink.

BVO is also one of the main ingredients used in flame retardant products.

Too high school chemistry for you? Now many of you may be thinking well there is more than just that ingredient that is harmful to your health in Mountain Dew, true. However, that Mountain Dew you may drink, among other citrus flavored soft drinks in America, contains amounts of BVO that may affect your fertility.

Maybe it’s time to place stop drinking Mountain Dew or soda if you have not already on your tips for getting pregnant checklist

Tips for getting pregnant:

  • Stop smoking
  • Decrease alcohol intake and stopping alcohol intake once pregnant.
  • Stop recreational drug use
  • Discontinue use of contraceptives
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Maintain a healthy diet and remain active
  • Know your cycle

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