Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Changes for Dads-to-Be?

A recent study released discussed the obvious benefits to a healthy diet for the male whose partner is trying to conceive. It is just as much about his swimmers on the path to conception. What exactly is a healthy, balanced diet for a male? Being female, I am quite aware of the differences in diets between men and women, so what exactly would a balanced, nutritious diet for a male be?

Dietary Changes:

-Be sure to include foods high in Folate (folic acid); very important for conception and pregnancy. Eating asparagus, spinach, beans (black, kidney, navy, garbanzo, and pinto) and greens can help with folate intake.

-Include foods with zinc; however be sure to not eat too many- they recommend 12-15 mg a day.

-Increase antioxidant intake- berries are a great source for antioxidants

-Coffee may help; some research suggests that coffee may increase sperm motility.

-Steroid products impact male fertility- quit using for months before trying to conceive.

Lifestyle Changes:

-Cut back on alcohol- drinking heavily deteriorates the quality of sperm, as well as leads to other harmful diseases.

-Quit smoking; SIGNIFICANTLY decreases your sperm count and motility.

-stay clear of heat from hot tubs, saunas, tight clothing. Research has shown that being exposed to too much heat on your testicles may decrease sperm quality and count.


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