The Truth about Fertility

Those trying to conceive received some truth to the misconceptions behind fertility this week.

Joshua U. Klein, M.D.,  a board-certified OB/GYN and a Clinical and Research Fellow in RE and Infertility at Columbia University Medical Center discussed to the common fertility misconceptions people believe, despite all the increased public awareness about the difficulties of trying to get pregnant.

He discusses in the article the following 8 misconceptions about conception and fertility, some may seem harsh but being informed  may help in the process. It is important every woman, man and couple that is trying to get pregnant, understand the process of conception.

1. The age factor

2. Fertility Window

3. Having Sex

4. Male Fertility Problems

5. Stress

6. Fertility treatments

7. IVF Cost

8. Success Rates of IVF

If you haven’t checked out the Birds & Bees You tube video from EMD Serono, follow the link below. It’s a great video regarding a couple’s path to conception and getting in contact with your RE early!


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