Non-Traditional Sperm Donation

In the news last week , there were some articles regarding non-traditional sperm donation; a growing practice across the United States, U.K. and most likely behind bathroom door across the globe.

Women can register on sperm donation sites like Free Sperm Donation Registry as a recipient of sperm from a donor, FREE OF CHARGE. The donors are like the man mentioned in the ABC News article by Susan James.  The articles state that similar types of groups have shown up on Yahoo and various online sites.  It mentions that after the women receive the donation, they then fill the cervical cap with the sperm and place it onto their cervix.  Whether or not this type of insemination is a method you would feel comfortable using, what method of placement would you use?

Women use at-home insemination techniques due to the many constraints placed on trying to conceive: hard to get appointments with their doctors, insurance does not cover many fertility treatments, time constraints from their daily lives and cost. See our previous post regarding at-home insemination techniques for trying to conceive and FocusTouch ™.


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