September is PCOS Awareness Month

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a health problem that affects more than 5 million women across the globe.

It affects a woman’s health in many ways

*Her menstruation cycle


*Ability to have children

*Heart and blood vessels

*Her ability to have children

Although the cause of PCOS is still unknown; many studies have linked it to genetics. Hormones (body makes more androgen than normal) and insulin (too much in the body) have also been linked to PCOS.

What are the main symptoms of PCOS?

  • -Infertility (PCOS is a common cause)
  • -Weight Gain
  • -Ovarian Cysts
  • -Irregular, infrequent periods
  • -Depression
  • -Acne or oily skin
  • -Pelvic Pain

What are the risks associated with PCOS?

  • -Diabetes
  • -Heart Disease
  • -Infertility

How Can I Manage/Treat PCOS?

There is no cure for PCOS, but there are lifestyle changes one can do to manage PCOS.

  • -Follow a healthy diet and exercise
  • -Doctors may prescribe BC pills to help regulate periods and reduce symptoms such as acne or facial hair
  • -Doctors may prescribe fertility medicines if you are trying to conceive
  • -Diabetic medicine may be prescribed
  • -Not as common anymore is Ovarian Drilling

We wish you all the best on your path to conception!


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