Male Orgasm- Check, Female Orgasm- ???

While we all know that some sort of release of sperm during sex to create conception is necessary. I mean this step, is in fact essential for conc

eption. A male orgasm most of the time, needs to be achieved for ejaculation to occur and the sperm to be ejaculated into the vagina.

The female orgasm has remained a mystery for decades. Theories have developed through the years regarding it’s purpose, if any at all. Past theories have included:

-The female orgasm causes the cervix to contract. This contraction causes it to dip in and out of the vagina; creating an upward “suck” motion. Theory states that this “upward sucking” motion pulls in more of the sperm, increasing chances of conception. (Baker and Bellis Theory)

-The female orgasm evolved to create an intimate, strong bond between the two lovers. It is said to create feelings of intimacy and trust in the female towards her partner. This is part of a selection criteria theory on finding a partner to reproduce with.

-The “tired” theory. There is another theory out that believes when a woman achieves an orgasm, she becomes tired and needs to lie down. Most know that when they lie down the sperm is retained within the body much longer.

Whatever theory you believe/don’t believe sex should be a fun, loving experience on the path to baby-making. Yes, a female orgasm prior to intercourse can aid in lubrication, making the vaginal tract potentially more hospitable to the sperm, but it is not necessary since many women do not orgasm and still conceive.

We wish you the best on your path to conception.


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