Fertility Figure Symbols across the World

The Venus of Willendorf (30000-25000 BCE) The Venus of Willendorf is considered to be one of the fertility symbols of paleolithic woman. The statue is of a larger woman, with what is considered to be “child-bearing” hips. Her belly, breasts, vulva and buttocks are prominently displayed and swollen. Some statues unearthed had red ochre coloring in the statue’s pelvic region indicating menstruation and may have been used in rituals.

Kokapelli– is a Hopi fertility symbol. The hunchback, flute-playing “Casanova” has been dated back to almost 3000 years ago. This male fertility symbol has many legends circulating around him. Some of them are: that he travelled from village to village from winter to spring, bringing with him the change into spring. Some say the hunch of his back was from seeds that he brought to bring new life to the village, the flute he played to bring in the warmth of spring to the village. Many images depict his long, erect phallus (more modern depictions have left this part out).Other legends state that women who could not bear children would send for him and his healing powers. He was said to have spent most of his time sewing his seed with village women. Whichever legend you believe or follow, his power to bring fertility hope to women crosses thousands of years and legends. Asherah– Cannanite Fertility Goddess, Semitic Goddess- a powerful fertility goddess. Diana of Ephseus– this statue has been considered a fertility symbol largely from legends surrounding the statues many breasts. Other popular fertility/pregnancy/motherhood symbols from other cultures:  Female:                                                                                                      

  • Chupicuaro- Peru
  • Ixchel- Mayan
  • Isis- Egypt
  • Bastet- Egypt
  • Freyja- Norse goddess
  • Ala, Minona- African
  • Aphrodite- Greek
  • Bendis- Greek
  • Juno- Roman
  • Macha- Irish


  • Min- Egypt
  • Osiris-Egypt
  • Shiva- India

Ripley’s Famed Fertility Statues: These two statues have been said to have brought fertility luck to MANY women. Currently they are in Florida (road trip anyone?).  http://www.ripleys.com/orlando/ripleys-famous-fertility-statues-now-in-orlando/


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