Infertility (even) goes to TV

Infertility plot lines are everywhere, movies, books, and even cable television. Once again, while briefly hitting the subject of female infertility, male infertility, artificial insemination and A.R.T, none of these episodes have yet to dig deep into the real emotions, financial costs, physical tolls on the female (and male).


While they may not even come close to the true background or surroundings around challenges trying to conceive, the subject being in Hollywood TV and movies has made the topic seem less forbidden to discuss.


How I Met Your Mother- this is one of the first shows to bring up male infertility lately. The main characters Lilly and Marshall have been having problems getting pregnant. The plot lines involve seeing fertility specialist to test both of them. In the end, they end up being both fine and she becomes pregnant at the end of the season.


Rules of Engagement- A surrogate is used in these episodes of ROE. The characters have IVF done and their embryos are transferred to a surrogate. Despite the more advance acknowledgement of A.R.T, they do not show the very high cost to such procedures that goes above and beyond the  reach of the average couple.


Grey’s Anatomy- Meredith suffered a miscarriage in Season 6 Finale and has been struggling to conceive ever since. The show depicted her experience with fertility drugs (they made her blind) and have shown some of the emotion she experiences when seeing others become pregnant so easily or others. Meanwhile, other characters have become pregnant with relative ease.


What other popular television shows have had story lines with infertility challenges in them?


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