And it’s Friday! We at Ib2C hope you all have a great weekend.

We at Ib2c believe that something as beautiful as a child and family has been made so complicated, stressful and invasive that having a successful fertility cycle is near impossible. 

FocusTouch ™ can bridge the gap between natural conception and IVF, with a technology that has been proven successful by physicians for years. To conceive, a perfect aligning of factors from both partners is needed, this device nudges you both closer in the process to optimize conception.

With this device a woman is able to regain control of her conception process in the privacy of her own home, using an efficient method that was once just used by physicians.

FocusTouch™ -reestablishing hope to a woman by providing her with a non-invasive, affordable solution that can be used monthly to increase her chances of conception without altering her daily routine. 

Why not take back control of your conception path? On the path to building families naturally, sometimes we could all use a little help.




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