What is FocusTouch™?

Having those close to him experience the challenges of conception, Ib2C’s founder, Steve Bollinger, has developed an effective medical device that can be used in the privacy of the home. What is really unique about the product is how easy it is to use. For women, if they are comfortable with using/placing a tampon and for men, if they are comfortable using a condom; the product will be a perfect, easy to use aid to help on their conception path. The medical technique is intracervical insemination, which can now be optimized using this product. The device and process of this technique enables the highly concentrated sperm to be placed and kept near the cervical os to optimize your chances of getting pregnant.

Intracervical insemination has a documented success rate of 10 to 15 percent, while in some cases 20%. Ib2C™ hopes to the product will become a woman’s “first try” on her path to conception before incurring the heavy costs of IUI or IVF. Health Insurance companies today may not cover either of those processes.

A woman can use the product, to help optimize her chances of getting pregnant each month, even without any known documented conception challenges. Why not boost the chances each month?


FocusTouch™ can help bring back hope, efficacy and control to a couple trying to conceive, all while in the privacy of your own home.


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