Ladies: Your brain on sex (and the new fact found about semen)

A recent study published in Science Daily discussed the findings of a protein in semen that acts on the female brain to promote ovulation. The protein that they have called (OIF) Ovulation-Inducing Factor was compared to the numerous proteins in the mammals they were studying. The research scientists discovered that this OIF was the same protein as the Nerve-Inducing Factor protein (in nerve cells through out the body).The NIF protein/OIF protein in semen will send a signal to the female’s brain (hypothalamus) and the pituitary gland to produce/release hormones, which we know these hormones trigger the release of an egg.

The study was not on humans, therefore they are unsure what this implies for future studies on fertility in humans. To read more about the work being done:

In the News: WHO warning and Endometriosis Treatment Study

WHO WARNING: Press coming from the World Health Organization yesterday warned of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea or the “clap”. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that causes infertility, complications with pregnancies, babies being born with eye-infections that cause blindness, as well as it makes it easier to contract HIV.  The article went on to explain that over the next few years it is predicted that this disease will become a super-bug, resistant to all forms of treatment. The WHO has called for extra surveillance from those administering the drug and increasing education on safe-sex to all. Please practice safe sex!

ENDOMETRIOSIS TREATMENT STUDY: Abbott Laboratories released press that they will begin phase 3 of their clinical studies on Elagolix, a potential new treatment for the many women suffering from endometriosis. Endometriosis causes uterine cells to grow in other areas of the body (outside of the uterus) leading to excruciating pain, inflammation, abnormal bleeding and infertility. This is exciting news, here is to hoping a treatment becomes available to those suffering. While it will be years before anything is completed, it is one step closer to finding a treatment for women with endometriosis.